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What is your rate?

Too many people ask that question first! That is the very last question you should ask ANY wedding vendor. First, ask what services they provide and how will they make your wedding Unique, Fun and Memorable!

Our rates are commensurate with our experience and reputation in the wedding industry. Depending on what is needed, there are many variables in the cost of a wedding reception/ceremony. Every wedding is different. We will gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote after we acquire the necessary information of what exactly will be needed for your wedding.

We are a Professional Wedding Entertainment Service and will assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams. We will be doing a lot more than a “DJ just playing music”. Together we will plan, prepare and direct the entertainment from beginning to the end. We will coordinate with all vendors to insure a well-orchestrated, stress free wedding for you.

Be extremely cautious of ANY wedding vendor that provides a quote for services without wanting to know all the specific details of your wedding! That is a clear indication that your wedding will be treated as “just another job”! This is the most important day in your life! Therefore take time make certain the people you are considering will treat it so.

Do you use professional gear?

Using professional sound equipment helps insure reliable service and quality presentation. Lion and Lamb Production understand that you want the best entertainment for your money.

May we call your references?

References are a major part of the entertainment business. It is a good idea to get a few client and business references. We are happy to give you recent names of satisfied customers who have given us permission to release their numbers.

How will you be dressed?

Proper attire reflects a positive image to your guests. Our DJs dress in formal wear unless you request otherwise.

How early will you be to our site to set up?

An average of one hour should be allowed for setup and sound check. We do not require an additional charge for this service.

Are you able to provide the music for our ceremony?

Music may enhance all stages of the celebration. We can provide the music for the couples’ ceremonies. Our music library includes many traditional and contemporary titles.

Will you allow requests?

Requests should be welcome. If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection. Lion & Lamb Productions has the reputation for filling as many requests as possible including your favorite selections.

Can you assist us in planning our reception schedule?

Organized planning is essential for a successful, enjoyable party. We remain at your service from the moment you reserve your date with us. Whether you require a referral to a banquet facility or other professional, or simply need a song suggestion, our experience and expertise is at your disposal.

Do we feed the DJ at the event?

Generally, the DJ eats with the photographer. There are usually a few guests who can’t make it providing extra food that had been paid for. If that isn’t the case, you make the call.

Do we tip the DJ?

This is a commonly asked question, and yet a difficult one to answer. There are many opinions on this very topic. Our feeling is that if you are paying a professional fee for your entertainment a tip is not required. Do you tip other professionals such as your doctor? Your lawyer? If you hire someone charging less than a professional fee, do they ask for or expect a tip? Why do they do this? Simply to appear as charging less while expecting more. If you feel you should tip your DJ, then so be it. As professionals, Lion & Lamb Productions, does not require nor expect a tip from our clients.

Can the DJ stay longer?

If the banquet hall is in favor of staying, your operator will be happy to continue for a fee per hour.

Do you have a microphone that we can use?

You will be allowed to use the microphone for any toasts or special occasions.

Do you need a table with skirt?

Although our operators have a standing set-up system it is always more elegant to match the head table. That is generally the banquet halls responsibility and they are usually more than willing to oblige.

Do you travel?

Yes. We are available to go where ever you are having your event. Travel is a normal and expected part of the mobile DJ profession. However, there is generally a travel fee for events that are greater than 50 miles from our home base of Newark, NJ or Brooklyn, NY.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes. It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. Ask for a written agreement, especially if you are paying an initial retainer.

Our cocktail hour will be in a different location, is that a problem?

No problem! Many of our clients have their cocktail hour on an adjacent patio or room. We have the very best in audio technology including wireless speakers to produce sound in those locations. Or if necessary, we can set up a secondary system to accommodate your needs.

How far in advance do we need to book?

To insure our personalized service, we book and perform only one wedding per date. Therefore our dates book quickly. We recommend that once your venue is being considered, to check our availability, and secure our services. Many of our dates are booked at least 12-24 months in advance.